About Marianne

Since 2006, my experience has been growing in guiding and supporting folks in overcoming the psychological barriers of severe mental diagnoses, trauma, anxiety, grief and bereavement, aging and death concerns, anger, self-harm and suicidal ideation, abuse, and parenting and behavior training, with specializations in men's issues and relationship problems. I learn what the individual is seeking to gain and create a therapeutic approach unique to that individual. I'm trained in several modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy but I typically utilize a combined approach that explores and processes historically relevant information as well. I enjoy working with mature teens, adults, and couples and provide both group and individual counseling. Choosing a counselor can be a difficult process so I embrace every opportunity as an honor to build a trusting relationship and unveil wellness. 

My greatest goal as a therapist is to empower my clients to feel confident about taking the lead with their mental wellness. Counseling will be a safe place where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable and express your concerns without fear. I want it to feel productive and helpful and I will guide you in making the most of your sessions. Many of my clients have found that to be a refreshingly healing experience. 


I consider myself an eclectic therapist; taking pieces of multiple theories and customizing an approach to meet your individual needs and style. My training includes cognitive behavioral strategies to learn new ways of thought and self-talk and challenge unhealthy perspectives, solution focused therapy to keep counseling productive, mindfulness to help you slow down your mind and capture more those meaningful moments, acceptance and commitment therapy to support getting out of your guilty or shamed mind and into your life, dialectical behavior therapy to learn how to manage overwhelming emotions, and some psychodynamic approaches to process the relative life experiences in order to accomplish lasting wellness. We can talk about whether you prefer a direct approach where I provide a lot of training and coaching and practice assignments, an indirect approach where you're more in the driver's seat and I'm there to keep you on task and offer reflective feedback, or a combination of both. 


Marianne is the mother of a son born in 2014 and a daughter born in 2016. She is a believer of practicing what she preaches so to speak and challenging hypocrisy. She uses her personal experiences with long term relationships and marriage along with parenting and behavior shaping to empathize with her clients on as many levels as possible. Marianne was raised by her grandparents from the age of seven after her mother passed away of breast cancer. She and her half sister were then separated to live with their fathers. Marianne's father was ill with Multiple Sclerosis and would also pass when she was 10 after allowing his parents to adopt her to ensure her care. She considers herself fortunate to have faced such challenges as they have shaped her ideas about life and equipped her with the natural empathy to be concerned with the vast variations of pain life presents people. Pain does not discriminate and Marianne is prepared to learn as well as teach while she walks the path of recovery and wellness with those who reach out to her.